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a sanctuary for

More about Reiki.    More about  Indian head massage.    More about me, Jody.    More about services I offer.  

Therapy at your home

No need to travel

Portable therapy bed & music

Increased motivation

Reduced Stress


We all desire and need relaxing moments in our busy lives,

Do I really take time to keep my mind and body in balance.

but ask yourself   

We all benefit when we feel a greater sense of calm, joy and self worth. These desirable emotions are within each and everyone's grasp when we simply open our minds to the physical, mental and spiritual power of healing.

Whether through the calming influence of Reiki or the indulgent experience of Indian head massage, Relaxing Moments can give you a greater sense of harmony and balance in your busy life.

Some of the main areas of focus are:

Stress and Anxiety


Difficult times of change

Physical Ailments


Wellbeing and Joy.  

My name is Jody and I am passionate about helping all sorts of people bring relief to troubling  symptoms, whilst giving a true sense of  relaxation & tranquility to help restore  a level of  balance to busy lives.

I specialise in Reiki healing and the wonderful relaxing therapy of Indian head massage. To find out a little more and how you can personally benefit please take a few moments to look around my website, I promise you, it will be the best few moments you spend today.

In the workplace

My Ashford Clinic

Beautiful Surroundings  

Awaken four of your senses

Relaxing Reiki Treatment Indian Head Massage woman Indian Head Massage man

Happy and healthy employees are necessary for any company to prosper, yet often stress, absenteeism, or low self esteem rule the day. Reiki and/or Indian head massage is a fantastic way of boosting health and general wellbeing in the workplace which naturally improves all areas of productivity. We take the stress out of coming to the office and replace it with  Relaxing Moments and even a little fun.  Find out more how Relaxing Moments can benefit your company.

If you are unable to venture far from your home or you simply have a hectic schedule then relaxing moments can come to you.

All I require is a bit of space as I bring my own special portable therapy bed or massage chair and in a few short moments I can set it up in any room that best suits you. I normally bring along some relaxing music also and a music player so you don't have to worry about a thing. If you choose I can open a bottle of sweet smelling incense just to make things perfect. After your one to one consultation the same as at my clinic we can begin your treatment. You can check availability now and book online.

I specialise in 15 - 30 minute treatments within the workplace and cover a large area in the south east including London. See a full list of areas.

Visit me at my beautifully designed & tranquil therapy room in Ashford Kent just five minutes off the M20 at junction 9. See my contact page.

My beautifully designed therapy practice will awaken four of your five senses. Aesthically pleasing to the eye with soft lighting you will hear distant waves breaking on the shore, merging with the most relaxing & tranquil music. Delicately smell the essence of wild berry's, lavender and jasmine as we start your consultation. Then melt in to a soft cushioned therapy bed ready for you treatment. Simply heaven.

Familiar surroundings

Increased productivity

Ambient atmosphere

Head massage
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