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Happy ofice workers smiling

The booking fee is charged to the company    however    it     is      entirely

So what does it cost?
Workers with stress in a hurry

work-related stress,  accounted for around 11.4 million lost working days in Britain in last year alone

Woman stressed at desk

A further estimated  
415,000 individuals in Britain, working in the last year, believed that they were experiencing work-related stress at a level that was making them ill. (Source: Health and Safety Executive.)

How much is work related stress costing your company?

Can you afford not to take care of your work force?

See How  


Organisations are having to constantly embrace new ideas and change to compete in today's market. One of the most powerful and recognised is the change in attitude to the health and wellbeing of employee engagement. Without doubt this is becoming one of the highest contributors to company success.


Office Reiki and/or  Indian chair massage will transform your working day

Improving your Business environment  doesn't mean having to incur costs

Office Morale

Zen office workers

Can enlighten  your office

Improve your business just by changing your environment





Loyalty & Advocacy



Recruitment costs

Training requirements


Health Insurance costs

Litigation costs

Agency cover costs

Absenteeism is costing British business    
£32 BILLION a year

Source: (PWC)

This figure does not take into account potential replacement costs and lost productivity.

Qualify for the
Investor In People Health and Wellbeing Aaward

Attract the best people create a buzz and become a company everyone wants to work for.
We will help you shout about it.

if employers implement employee wellbeing schemes they will see a return on investment of £3 for every £1 that they spend.

Source: (Hewitt Associates)



We bring along our own equipment so there is nothing else for you to do except witness first hand how a Relaxing Moments office therapy day transformers the atmosphere of your employees and workplace. See the benefits for yourself when we spend a day or just half a therapy day at your office location. It’s the anticipated day when everyone is present and can’t wait for their own Relaxing Moment of stress busting therapy. Your office will become an office  full of smiles and a vibrant buzz of renewed activity. Besides the immediate benefits your workforce will feel valued, appreciated, and your company becomes a great place to work.

Our office Reiki and chair massage therapies have been especially adapted  for the workplace. They can be just 15 minutes of stress busting, revitalising neck and shoulder massage whilst workers are sat at their usual desks, to 20 or 30 minutes total relaxation Reiki sessions in a quiet office location.

On-site chair massage concentrates on the  back, shoulders, neck, arms, scalp and face, in order to stimulate the circulatory, muscular, nervous, immune and lymphatic systems. Chair massage also promotes the release of feel-good endorphins. The chair massage recipient is left feeling simultaneously relaxed and energised after a treatment, with no more disruption to the working day than a coffee break.

Having a happy workforce boosts your business, dramatically increases productivity and your company becomes a great place to work. Why not shout about it through the Investor In People Health and Wellbeing award and attract the best. Relaxing Moments Therapies in the workplace can help you achieve this. The return on investment is extensive  as the cost of  therapy days are minimal. (See our pricing options below)

Chair massage is a great way to boost morale, reward employee performance and improve the health and well-being of employees. Numerous studies have shown increased alertness and lower anxiety and stress levels including evidence of the physiological and psychological benefits of massage. The physical and mental benefits last for many days after the therapy has finished.

Who needs espresso when you've got Reiki to boost your employees energy and concentration. We are happy to trek to your London office(s) on a weekly or monthly basis to offer short Reiki treatments to employees, either at their desk or during their lunch hour. A short burst of Reiki can make a real different to  energy levels, clarity, concentration and to your overall day.

Health and Wellbeing Good Practice Award Leaflet.pdf

Down load brochure

Smiling office workers linking arms

Depending on the size of your work force the measurable benefits are extensive. Companies implementing  health and wellbeing initiatives see a marked improvement in productivity, creativity, performance and motivation in the vast majority of their employees. Absenteeism is reduced along with indirect associated costs  such as recruitment, training and agency fees.  Savings may be  in the tens of thousands yet costs for implementing health and wellbeing can start from just a few hundred.  

Relaxing Moments have a number of flexible pricing options that we guarantee wont put a dent in your company expenditure.   

Surprisingly little

Option 1 - Incentivise

Booking fee £95

15 minute chair massage   £10

20 minute chair massage   £15

20 minute Reiki treatment £15

30 minute Reiki treatment £20

Option 2- Unlimited

Booking fee £0

Unlimited therapies half day
(up to 4 hours)      £200

Unlimited therapies Full day
(up to 7 hours)      £300

Price applies per Relaxing Moments therapist booked per day.

discretionary whether or not the company wishes to contribute towards individual employee therapies. We have a number of businesses who pay the booking fee and allow individuals to book and pay for their own therapies during the office therapy day. The benefit of this option is the company is seen to not only actively contribute but it also allows employees to enjoy a few extra minutes if chosen of revitalising therapy time normally given over and above standard tea or lunch breaks.    

On arrival we run a simple booking system with available slots throughout the visit, so allowing employees to book a therapy that works best and has minimal or no interference on their working day.   

If desired 20 or 30 minute booking slots can be reserved specifically for during lunch or tea breaks.

Where demand is high enough and there are not enough therapy slots available in one day then we are happy to return on the next available day without charging an additional booking fee.

The unlimited therapy option is charged to the company and allows as

many therapies as time permits. We can operate a simple token system which allows management to distribute tokens of between 15 and 30 minuets to chosen employees up to the the maximum time slots available for the day.  The benefits of the unlimited option means for a low weekly or monthly fee the company is seen to and demonstrates a caring health and wellbeing policy whilst the employees enjoy unlimited therapies options.

Tokens can be distributed on a rota basis per visit along with higher or lower minute values to enable everyone to experience a Relaxing Moment therapy. If desired Tokens can be used and awarded as extra incentives and distributed before the next scheduled therapy day.  

A further discount of 10% will be applied to all unlimited options where regular or continuous monthly bookings are made in advance. An aditional 15% discount above the standard unlimited fee will be applied where regular or continuous weekly bookings are made in advance.

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Sickness is costing UK companies more than 1,000 per employee every year

The figure for absenteeism is at least £662 per employee, according to Hewitt Associates, although this rises by as much as 60% once indirect costs such as lost productivity, overtime and recruitment are included.

Unsurprisingly, the biggest causes of absence were found to stress and depression. More than half of employers (56%) state stress is an issue in their organisation

James Kenrick, head of UK corporate healthcare consulting at Hewitt Associates, said: "The report makes it clear that stress is predicted to be the main cause of employee ill-health in the next three years. If the UK economy worsens, stress levels can undoubtedly be expected to rise further, making this the biggest threat to employee health in the UK."

Hewitt Associates, however, estimate that if employers implement employee wellbeing schemes they will see a return on investment of £3 for every £1 that they spend.

Kenrick added: "Reducing absenteeism is the ultimate goal for employers. To achieve this, they need to approach the problem from a total health management perspective. This means developing a co-ordinated programme to encourage good health in their workforce."

According to Buck Consultants, who surveyed 600 companies in 25 countries, less than half (46%) that adopted an absence management strategy have reported a moderate to high reduction in employee absence as a result compared with 61% who made an effort to improve morale and engagement.

In the UK only 16.4% of employers have fully implemented a health promotion and wellness strategy, while 34.5% have partially implemented a programme that they intend to develop over the next two years. Only 3.6% have no plans at the moment to introduce a wellbeing strategy.

But the survey showed 41% of UK companies do not measure the impact their workplace wellness strategies have on absenteeism.

Adrian Norris, head of Buck Consulting's UK health consulting practice, said: "Even a small incremental reduction in employee absence can produce considerable savings for employers. Worldwide 40% to 60% of organisations are not measuring the impact of these strategies and don't know the extent of the benefits."

He added: "In the current climate, we fully expect employers to increasingly recognise the impact a fully implemented wellness strategy can have on employee engagement and productivity - and tools to better measure return on investment will continue to evolve."

Tel  07887 565 616

For corporate events and full days ‘In the workplace’  bookings, we may cover London and many locations south of Birmingham.